The Following People and Groups Have All Endorsed Joy for Whatcom County Sheriff

42 Legislative District Democrats
National Womens Political Caucus
Whatcom County Democratic Women

Dena Louise – Political Blogger & Activist
Tip Johnson – Political Blogger & Activist
Wendy Harris – Environmental Blogger & Activist
Jayne Baron – Art Therapist
RoseMarie Longmire – Realtor
Michael Roe – Producer, A/V Engineer, Clinical Hypnotist
Bob Burr – Community Activist
Amy Malone – Community Activist

Peggy Parsley Silbey – Realtor
Meredith Anne Murray – Interfaith Minister, Realtor
Irene Morgan – Energy Healer, Community Activist
Gary Morgan – Concerned Citizen
Atul Deshmane – Green Energy Engineer
Rebecca H. Meloy – Community Activist
Maureen Dunaway – Concerned Citizen
Mary Wheeler – Entrepreneur
Chericka Ashmann – Energy Healer
Katherine Waters – Concerned Citizen
Kathy Leathers – Concerned Citizen
Debbie David – Community Activist
Clint Lincoln – Producer & DJ
Julie Budd – Concerned Citizen
Derek Gilfilen – Union Journeyman Carpenter

Brian Gilfilen – HVAC Technician
Bill Angel – Environmental Public Health Specialist
Sara Thornton – Community Activist
Lloyd Zimmerman – Nutritional Therapist, Kinesiologist
Bradley Kuykendall – Actor, Computer Programmer
Katie Lawson – Teacher
Dianne Foster – ARNP, Immigrant/Trade Justice Activist

Glenn G. Alden – Entrepreneur
Paula Smith – Political Activist
Ava Sakowski – Business Marketing
Joe Hackler – Concerned Citizen

Endorse Joy

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